Resources to advance Year 9 and Year 10 reading and creative writing skills

Literacy standards among New Zealand school students have been attracting attention, and not always for the right reasons.

One recent media report described a “war of words” breaking out among experts over the best way to respond to what it said was a decline in literacy rates.

iQualify for Schools is complementing Ministry of Education initiatives to address the situation with the introduction of a new series of digital resources designed to support junior English.

The reading and writing resources are new additions to the curriculum-specific and NCEA resources available from iQualify for Schools. The new resources are delivered through the only learning management system designed and developed in New Zealand, specifically for the New Zealand education system and curriculum.

These new interactive resources will help Year 9 and Year 10 students develop their reading and creative writing skills.

Being online enables students to work at their own pace, and being aligned to the New Zealand curriculum ensures that students develop their skills in a way that will help them succeed.

Now available:

  • Year 9 Creative Writing Skills
  • Year 10 Creative Writing Skills
  • Year 10 Reading for Information
  • Year 9 Reading for Pleasure
  • Year 9 Close Reading of Written Texts
  • Year 10 Close Reading of Written Texts
  • Year 9 Key Language Skills 
  • Year 10 Key Language Skills

Coming soon:

  • Year 9 Formal Writing
  • Year 10 Formal Writing
  • Year 9 Visual Language
  • Year 10 Visual Language
  • Year 9 Oral Language
  • Year 10 Oral Language

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