Buying iQualify for Schools resources is as flexible as you want it to be. Want one resource? No problem! Want something for your whole school? We’re here for you! You can see our different pricing options here. Get in touch with us to get started with iQualify for Schools.

Account Type

Resource Type



Annually $5 per resource, per student

Years 9-13


Annually $8 per resource, per student

Includes Amy, our AI Assistant

Years 9-11

Careers – Taku Haerena

Annually $15 per resource, per student

Years 9-13

*All prices exclude GST

What’s the different between class and school?

If you’re a teacher and you just want a resource or two for a few students or a single class, click on class. If you’re looking at resources for a whole year group or school, click on school.

What is a resource?

A resource is a unit of learning about a specific subject. Each resource has a combination of information and activities, all designed to help students learn about a specific topic. You can search all our resources on our Resources page.

How many resources will I need to buy?

It’s entirely up to you! iQualify for Schools is designed to be as flexible as your programmes. Here are some examples:

  • Year 9 Maths has 5 resources – Number, Algebra, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. 
  • Year 11 Science has 12 Achievement Standards. 
  • We have Unit Standards from the Work and Study Skills, Core Generic Skills, and Financial Capability domains. 

You can choose one resource, or as many as you need for your programmes.

Why is Maths more expensive?

Maths resources also come with Amy, our AI assistant. Learn more about Amy here.

I want iQualify for Schools! What next?

Get in touch and we’ll get you underway!

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