Free access available to NCEA online resources until the end of 2020

The latest movements in COVID-19 alert levels and the Level 4 lockdown earlier this year have raised awareness of the challenge of shifting between classroom and remote learning environments at short notice.

To help teachers and schools adapt to this emerging operating environment and help students maximise the time between now and end-of-year NCEA exams, the iQualify for Schools online student management system is available free-of-charge for all schools.

The only system of its type designed and developed in New Zealand specifically for the New Zealand education system, its key subject areas are Maths, Economics, Science, Careers Education and Work and Study Skills Unit Standards.

It provides more than 200 curriculum-specific and NCEA resources drawing on the expertise of ESA Publications which, for nearly 35 years, has published study guides and workbooks for schools throughout New Zealand.*

For teachers, in the event of school being closed by a public health emergency or an extreme weather event, iQualify for Schools enables them to continue their teaching programme and monitor student progress remotely. Under normal circumstances, they can take a “flipped” approach and let their students explore a subject independently in iQualify for Schools and spend time in the classroom answering questions and having quality discussions. As one teacher told us:

“It’s given me back my time with the students. I now know more about where they are actually up to in their learning because I’m spending more time with them.”

For students, iQualify for Schools – which can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, on any device – means less unhelpful distractions because it is an integrated portal which does not require them to be logged-in to their personal internet accounts. As one student said:

“With Google Drive, I’ve always got all of my tabs open and I get distracted. But with iQualify, I can just sit down and focus and do what I need to do.”

Get in touch now to arrange free use of iQualify for Schools resources at your school for the remainder of 2020 (including training).

* ESA Publications and iQualify for Schools and are both subsidiaries of The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, the country’s largest distance education provider.

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