iQualify for Schools Features

Over 200 NZ Curriculum and NCEA resources

Popular ESA Publications have been adapted to online resources by New Zealand teachers for use in NZ schools.

  • Our digital resources are ready-to-use, or you can change them to suit your learners and context.
  • Graphics, images, videos, quizzes, and activities are included.
  • Subjects available:
    • Year 9: English, Maths, and Science
    • Year 10: English, Maths, and Science
    • Year 11: Maths, Science, Business Studies, Health Education, Accounting, History, and Geography
    • Year 12: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Business Studies, Economics, History, Geography, Work and Study Skills
    • Year 13: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, History, Geography.

iQualify Learning Management System

Build and deliver engaging learning experiences using the iQualify learning management system (LMS).

  • Develop content pages, quizzes, activities, and assessments.
  • Include videos, images, or add 3rd party educational apps to your courses.
  • Organise and reorganise your content at any time.
  • Put all the resources students need in one place. Free them from the distraction of other websites or having to search for resources.
  • Students can move through the learning materials at their own pace, take notes as they work, and save content to their own study area to revise later.
  • Dashboard displaying student progress in courses and assessments.
  • A guided learning experience with a clear flow for students.
  • Student questions and discussions alongside content for easy teacher-student interactions inside and outside the classroom.
  • Forums to discuss topics and ideas.

“I decided to use iQualify – two reasons really. One because of the content – the ESA content is New Zealand context based, and that’s often quite difficult to find. And it also means that I could guarantee that there was a certain level of quality to it.”

Danielle Myburgh, Science Teacher, Hobsonville Point Secondary School

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