Nelson College for Girls

Teachers from Nelson College for Girls talk about how iQualify for Schools is making a difference for their students, and helping them engage with and excite learners.

School Nelson College for Girls  ৷  Location Nelson

Who Ruth Elmey – eLearning Leader  ৷  Mike Merrick – Head of Science  ৷   Natalie Tregidga – Science Teacher  ৷  Graeme Rogers – Science Teacher

Teachers from Nelson College for Girls say that the flexibility of iQualify as a learning management system has been really useful. From taking students through content as a group to giving students the chance to lead their own learning, or having them make on-screen study notes – different benefits of iQualify have suited different students. Combining this flexibility with the ready to use NCEA resources is helping teachers to tailor lessons to their students’ needs.  The school has also used iQualify for Schools to help with exam revision, set homework, and encourage discussion and questions.

The beauty of iQualify is that I can cater to all kinds of learners. I can walk them through the content, or I can push them forward and have them explore the content before I am ready to approach it with them, so they can lead their own learning.

Natalie Tregidga, Science teacher

Impact on learning at Nelson College for Girls

Unlike other systems, iQualify for Schools is an integrated portal which does not require students to be logged in to their personal internet accounts. This means less unhelpful online distractions while they are working. Here’s what students say about their experience of iQualify for Schools:

“It makes it easier to talk to the teacher because they can see what you’ve done, comment back on stuff and give feedback and then, in class, you can look back on it together.”

“When she (teacher) is not here, we can just carry on with what we’re doing.”

Students at Nelson College for Girls

If you would like to learn more about how iQualify for Schools could help you or your students, please make contact or view our NCEA Resources.

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