It’s a YES for iQualify for Schools

The Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) has been preparing young people to thrive in business and in life for almost 40 years with a vision to create a pipeline of entrepreneurial-minded young people. Now, iQualify for Schools has added value to the YES experience.

YES brings enterprise into the classroom at more than 80 percent of New Zealand secondary schools. Thanks to iQualify for Schools, it is now doing it in a way that is more relevant to the budding entrepreneurs of the 21st-century.

Change needed

YES Content Creator and Teaching Mentor Lucy Wymer says having been in existence since the early 1980s, the programme had, for the past 15 years, been using digital download resources that were distributed to schools.

Example from YES iQualify for Schools online learning course showing boys in a meeting, titled 'Weekly Scrum Meeting'.

“Three years ago we approached iQualify for Schools. We knew digital downloads were not the direction we should continue to head in. Also, the content needed a re-fresh; the downloads were mainly for the teachers’ benefit. There wasn’t good material for the students themselves.”

She says iQualify for Schools’ learning management system provided a platform which YES could adapt for what it needed.

iQualify for Schools is the only learning management system designed and developed in New Zealand, specifically for the New Zealand education system and curriculum. It provides teachers with more than 200 curriculum-specific and NCEA resources.

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Time well spent

Normally, teachers and students use the NCEA content provided by iQualify for Schools. But, because the YES content was new, some work was required to get it up and running.

“It was quite a big job initially, writing all the content. But now we have a one-stop shop that students can access whenever and wherever they are. The whole programme is online.”

Lucy says iQualify for Schools allows YES students to complete activities online and interact with the teacher running the programme at their school. She says it also means the resources can be updated, as required– noting that a whole new module was created last year in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s absolutely amazing – we love it!”

Teachers love it too.

“In the first year we used it, there were teachers who said they didn’t think it was needed. Now, they’re telling us how great it is.

“They’ve learned a lot from it themselves and it is ideal for their students who are of the generation that has only known the online world.” 

Lucy says teachers have told YES how comprehensive and helpful the content is, and that it has added value to the students’ YES experience.

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iQualify for Schools adds value to the YES experience

As well as teachers, Students have been enthusiastic – describing iQualify for Schools as “an amazing resource”. They have noted it is simple to use and provides direction and access to genuinely useful information.

YES is an experiential programme where students set-up and run a real business. Each YES company creates its own product or service and takes it to market. It is commonly used to gain  NCEA Level 2 and 3 Business Studies Achievement Standards.

As well as being an opportunity to experience the start-up world first-hand, there is over $20,000 in national prizes, regional awards, cash prizes and tertiary scholarships. Additionally, YES students have opportunities to attend national business competitions, events and other programmes.

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