Hobsonville Point Secondary School

Danielle Myburgh talks about how using iQualify for Schools is helping her to personalise students’ learning and make the most of high quality learning resources.

School Hobsonville Point Secondary School  ৷  Location Hobsonville Point, Auckland

Who Danielle Myburgh, Science Teacher

Danielle says having access to ready to use NCEA content lets her spend more time adapting content to suit her learners, rather than finding or creating resources.

“The content is New Zealand context-based… and it saves me hours of my life knowing that, actually, there’s access to good quality stuff.”

Danielle Myburgh, Science Teacher

Having content ready to use also means students can work at their own pace. If they finish an activity, they can move on to the next topic or prepare for the next class. If they need help, Danielle has more time to work with them. “It enables you to let students go with where ever their learning is taking them,” she says.

Danielle says the iQualify LMS is easy to use, for teachers and students. The consistency of the platform and content in it make it easy for students to find the information they need, when they need it.

Students say this helps them stay focused and organised, as all of their course materials and study notes can be in one easy-to-access place.

“What I like is that it’s all in one place. So I think that’s really cool – that you can have all your text books in one place, and it just helps you be more organised.”

Student, Hobsonville Point Secondary School

The other side of it is the iQualify actual software. It’s good. It’s just good. You can tell that it’s designed for the students: it’s really clear, it’s consistent, it’s easy to use – particularly for the students.

Danielle Myburgh, Science teacher

If you are interested in learning how iQualify for Schools might help you or your students, please contact us or view our NCEA Resources.

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