What is iQualify?

iQualify is a learning management system developed right here in New Zealand by Open Polytechnic. It is used widely by both Open Polytechnic and a range of other partners. You can find out more about iQualify on the iQualify website.  

What is iQualify for Schools?

iQualify for Schools is a team based at Open Polytechnic that is dedicated to helping schools develop blended learning using iQualify. We create resources for use in schools and support teachers to use those resources to make learning awesome.  

Do you do assessment?

iQualify for Schools does not assess student work. We provide learning resources to help support student learning. Assessment of these standards remains the responsibility of schools using iQualify for Schools. We do not supply assessments for achievement standard resources.  

We do supply assessments for unit standard resources. All of these have been pre-moderated for use. However, the marking and moderation of these is the responsibility of schools.  

Does iQualify auto mark?

There is an assessment feature in iQualify you can explore.  

All learning tasks have automatic feedback helping with the student learning. We find online learning whether at a distance or blended is best when the teacher is present in the course with the students. This helps with motivation and allows the teacher to direct students on a more personalised path.  

Is there offline access to your resources?

Yes! There are ways to access this content on a device while offline. You can read more about this in the iQualify Knowledgebase.  

Can we use iQualify on mobile devices?

Sure can! In fact, iQualify is designed to work just as well on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and Chromebooks, as on desktops and laptops.  

How do I know what my students are doing on iQualify?

iQualify provides learning analytics so you can see exactly where your students are up to. There is also a range of tools to help you engage with your students and their learning. You can read about tools like the talk channels in the iQualify Knowledgebase.  

Do I have to use your resources, or can I make my own?

You can do either! As well as a great range of ready-to-use resources, iQualify also lets you create your own resources from scratch or using our templates. We’re happy to help you out with this if you’re keen!  

Do all my school’s teachers need to use iQualify?

No, iQualify can be used by individual teachers and/or subjects.

Does iQualify do single sign on?

Yes, we are happy to talk with IT support person to help set this up at your school. 

Can I integrate my work from other programs with iQualify?

iQualify can either integrate as a web link on your other platforms such as Google Classroom, Office365 and OneNote. We can support you to move your existing content into iQualify.  

What about group teaching?

iQualify allows different roles to be assigned to different users including students. A teacher may be the main facilitator, an additional facilitator, a coach, or a marker. A student can also be a peer assessor

If I build something, who owns the copyright?

You do. You will be able to take a copy of your work with you should you be moving schools. You can share your work across your school as well as with other schools upon request.  

You can also collaborate on building with colleagues in any school. 

I like it! How do I get started?

Get in touch with us! If you are a single teacher wishing to use 1–4 iQualify for School resources, please use our spreadsheet for resources to provide the following information:  

  • Standard # and standard name of each course you would like to use.  
  • The name and email address of the teacher using these resources  
  • A spreadsheet with the first and last names and email addresses of the students to be added to each of these courses. Please use the template attached and ensure each spreadsheet is clearly labelled with which course the students are to be loaded into. There is also an example spreadsheet attached to this email.  
  • We can also show you how to add your own students into courses.  

If you wish to use iQualify for Schools resources more widely in your school, you will need to provide a key contact person. This person will be the school administrator for iQualify for Schools and will be responsible for initial questions from within the school. We will work with the school administrator to provide support. Once you have provided a school administrator, iQualify for Schools staff will work with you to ensure you are able to get your staff set up quickly and efficiently. 

Get in touch now to find out how iQualify for Schools can support your school this year.

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