We want every student to have a great learning experience, and teachers to have more time to focus on student success.

With iQualify for Schools you can use technology to make this happen.

Our easy to use learning management system (LMS) makes teaching and learning easier, more personalised and social, while our online resources will take the hard work out of planning, giving teachers more time for what’s important.

More time for teaching means different things for different teachers. At a general level, it means less time on the basics, and more time having the types of interactions with students that encourage and develop deeper understanding and learning.

This is what teachers who use iQualify for Schools on a daily basis tell us. As one says: “It’s given me back my time with the students and if there’s anything teachers in New Zealand are crying out for, it’s time.”

iQualify for Schools enables a seamless shift between classroom and remote learning during normal times, and supports continuity of learning during periods of disruption such as teacher absence, extreme weather events and large-scale public health emergencies.

iQualify for Schools is the only learning management system designed and developed in New Zealand, specifically for the New Zealand education system and curriculum. It provides teachers with more than 200 curriculum-specific and NCEA resources, based on study guides and workbooks published by ESA Publications which, for nearly 35 years, has provided teaching resources to teachers and schools throughout New Zealand.

We’re part of the Open Polytechnic.

iQualify for Schools and ESA Publications are both subsidiaries of The Open Polytechnic of New Zealand, the country’s largest distance education provider, which was established in 1946. This combination of resources, technology and a long-established understanding of and commitment to the New Zealand education system, makes iQualify for Schools a unique enabler of teacher and student success

With around 30,000 students each year, Open Polytechnic is New Zealand’s specialist distance learning provider.

We empower teachers to use technology effectively in classrooms.

Learn more about what we can offer your school with our online New Zealand curriculum and NCEA resources.

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